January 13 2014 Monday at 09:48 PM

Prom Story

During the past fourteen years, I've had some unique experiences with rural and suburban teenagers and their their big night .


It was a May Saturday at 2:30 PM when a young Oklahoma man strolled into our Sherman store. He asked if we rented tuxedos and what were the charges. I started asking the normal questions to insure knowledge of the event. Then the question of, "When is your Prom?"  His answer, "Tonight, in about four hours." I sadly informed him there was little that could be done at that late hour. To get a good tux, it is best to order about six weeks in advance. He explain the daughter of his mother's closest friend broke up with her boyfriend the night before and his mother volunteered him to take the girl to the prom. Her parent's spent a lot of money for her "Big Night" and didn't want her to sit at home.

I had four tuxedo manikins in the store; we stripped them finding enough tuxedo parts to make him a presentable tux charging him the bare minimum. Since he had a long drive to pick up the girl, he left wearing the tux. When he returned the tux, he commented on how the girl loved that the vest and tie matched her dress.

A year later, the same young man came again, this time a few weeks before his prom. He request the same tux as he was taking the same girl to his prom. I said we got a tradition started here, "what is the prom date?" Just as before, he arrived at 2:30 PM. I had the tux cleaned and placed on a manikin, which we stripped and again, as before, he wore it out of the shop.

The next year, the same young man returns and requested the same tux. I asked it was for another prom. He responded, "No, I'm going to marry that girl and she wants me in that same exact tux!" At 2:30 PM on his wedding day he arrived......